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Why Thermomix®?

In Thermomix we just want you and your family to eat better. So we just make things incredibly easy for you.
Imagine every day having fun while preparing healthier, tastier and more diverse meals.
Fast and easy. Thermomix does it for you, and dishes always get just perfect, so wile cooking, you gain time for other important things.

With Thermomix you’ll improve your eating habits for you and your family.

Everyday you can eat something different, healthy, tasty and sophisticated (or not). How good does that sound?

Why don’t you book a free demo or you see when there is the
next cooking event at our showroom?

You’ll be impressed.

What’s Thermomix®?

The world’s smartest, smallest kitchen.
In the same device you can cook, blend, grind, whip, weight, emulsify, stir, steam or knead.
No kidding. Just watch the videos and be surprised with everything Thermomix can do for you.

What can you cook with Thermomix?

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You can cook soups, purees, casseroles, stews, risottos… . Sophisticated desserts and home made ice-creams. You can prepare delicate sauces without the need to steer. You can steam fish, meat or veggies. And you can knead doughs for all types of bred, pastries or cakes.

Don't believe it?

Check here the universe of recipes and books done by and for Thermomix®.

The Thermomix TM5

Thermomix is a German-quality cooking machine with more than 50 years of history.
The Thermomix TM5 is the first digital Thermomix, so now you can have all the recipes stored in a chip and to follow the step by step indications on its large full-color display.

Thermomix® stories

You won’t believe how Thermomix® can transform lives—read on and be inspired.


“Saving time and spending
more time with my family.


“As a busy mother of two, Thermomix has been an absolute lifesaver for me. This machine enables me to spend more time with my children as I prepare nutritious and healthy meals, with the added benefit of knowing exactly what we are eating. I love the fact that the Thermomix cooks our meals and treats while I can focus on everything else that makes up our daily lives and gives me back time to spend with my family. The Thermomix is a truly amazing machine and my only regret is not taking the plunge sooner!”


“Delightful moments
cooking with Thermomix."


“We are loving our Thermomix! We made loads this weekend: cream of tomatoes, fish stow, meatloaf, pea soup for lunches next week, pita bread and Thai curry. My husband even cooked his boiled eggs with it this morning… So much fun! Oh! and the lemon cake for the school party tomorrow! all good!”


“Endless recipes and the future of cooking."


“The most incredible machine ever! The cooking demo was absolutely incredible and it is worth every single penny. It really is the future of cooking. My family loves it. The food you can create with this incredible machine is endless. Saves time and everything is amazing and absolutely delicious. We’ve never eaten so good and so healthy food ever.”

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