unauthorized accessories


  • In recent times, Vorwerk has increasingly observed accessories offered by third-party manufacturers for Thermomix® kitchen appliances. These accessories are offered as replacement parts or complements to Vorwerk’s original parts and original accessories, such as lids, sealing rings, knives, mixing bowls including foot, measuring cups, Varoma® accessories, basket inserts, whisks and splash guards.
  • In connection with this, we would like to point out the following: for your Thermomix®, we recommend that you only use original products from Vorwerk or accessories approved by Vorwerk.
  • The use of Vorwerk’s original parts and accessories for Thermomix® kitchen appliances ensures that the safety regulations as specified by the manufacturer are met and that your Thermomix® kitchen appliance functions properly. All our accessories have been carefully tested to ensure that you can cook safely and without risk of personal injury and to protect your Thermomix® device from damage.
  • Despite our efforts to monitor the market, we do not have the ability, and therefore can not guarantee, the reliability, safety or suitability of accessories for Thermomix® kitchen appliances that are not manufactured or approved by Vorwerk. In particular, we can not accept any liability for personal injury caused by the use of these accessories, for food contaminated by untested plastic materials or for damage to your Thermomix® device.
  • Before using accessories from third-party manufacturers, you should therefore be aware that you risk losing the opportunity to use warranties and any liability if the damage is due to the fact that original accessories have not been used.